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President Private Hospital Direct Access Endoscopy Service is available to all patients meeting the admission criteria set out on the referral form. Patients will have access to leading gastroenterologists Dr Robert Nguyen, Dr Jason Hui, Dr Ben Terkasher and Dr Betty Wu.

President Private hospital utilises the latest technology and equipment in a state of the art endoscopy facility. Direct Endoscopy reduces waiting times, out of pocket expenses and unnecessary appointments to allow a streamlined service.

Referral form can be printed and sent through to the hospital via:

Email: e[email protected]

Fax: (02 9542 0374)

Or: delivered in person

One of our friendly staff will contact the patient to go over all the relevant details, pre admission requirements and bowel preparation.

Consultation with the specialist will occur on the day of surgery and results discussed post procedure.

Private health insurance, DVA and self-funding patients are welcome to utilise this service.

For more information please contact President Private Hospital on 9521 7788.

Download our Endoscopy Referral Form today and take to your GP for completion.