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Surgical Procedures and Rehabilitation Programs

President Private Hospital performs a comprehensive range of Surgical Procedures and Rehabilitation Programs designed for optimum care and wellness.

Surgical Specialties

  • General Surgery – including Endoscopy, Laparoscopy and Gynaecology
  • Ophthalmic Surgery
  • Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery
  • Ear, Nose and Throat Surgery
  • Urology
  • Paediatric: General and Endoscopy surgery

Rehabilitation Programs

Rehabilitation is a holistic program concerned with improving a person’s physical wellbeing and quality of life. At President, we offer both Inpatient and Day Only Rehabilitation, enabling continuity of care as you transition to home.

The rehabilitation programs are individually designed to improve your independence.  We support you to stay in your own home, assist you to live at home with confidence in your ability to take care of yourself and enjoy leisure activities.

Our rehabilitation services are undertaken with a team-based approach including Rehabilitation Specialists, Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Social Workers, Dieticians and Nursing Staff.

All our patients receive an individualised care plan, to help achieve their goals.}

Rehabilitation Specialties

  • Inpatient and Day Only Rehabilitation Services
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Individual Rehabilitation Programs
  • Wellness Outpatient Services
    • Physiotherapy
    • Dietetics
    • Occupational Therapy
    • Gym Sessions
    • Hydrotherapy Sessions

Rehabilitation Facilities

  • Two well-equipped gymnasiums
  • Large hydrotherapy pool
  • Area for the assessment of daily living activities
  • Access to our experienced discharge planner


Inpatient Rehabilitation Programs

is available for patients who require the support of a multidisciplinary team, particularly patients who have a functional disability following recent surgery or illness. Patients are invited to stay overnight at the Hospital to facilitate their treatment and wellness program.

Inpatient Rehabilitation Programs

  • Orthopaedic
  • Falls Prevention
  • Cardiac Reconditioning
  • Pain Management
  • Reconditioning
  • Neurological
  • Parkinson’s Disease


Day Only Rehabilitation Programs

Day Rehabilitation runs a variety of programs designed to maximise Wellness and Prevention. Patients have access to our exceptional facilities during the day and return home after their individually tailored program. There is no need to stay overnight at the Hospital.

Rehabilitation is a holistic program designed to improve your independence, so you can continue to live at home with confidence in your ability to take care of yourself and enjoy leisure activities.

Programs available:

  • Orthopaedic
  • Falls Prevention
  • Minds in Motion (Cognitive decline)
  • Reconditioning
  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • Metabolic
  • Stepping in Style (Falls prevention)

If for whatever reason you do not meet our intake criteria President Private Hospital also offers a Mobile Physiotherapy Service where a physiotherapist will assess you and treat you in the comfort of your own home.

Orthopaedic Rehabilitation

Whether you have suffered an injury or undergone recent orthopaedic surgery, orthopaedic rehabilitation is an important part of your recovery.  Most orthopaedic patients need assistance in healing, regaining strength and mobility after injury or surgery.  The goal is to enable patients to resume daily activities and get back to work, fitness routines, or hobbies.  President Private Hospital offers specialised orthopaedic rehabilitation programs such as:

  • Orthopaedic surgery (hip/knee/shoulder joint replacement)
  • Spinal injury
  • Recent injury or accident
  • Back pain
  • Limitations in mobility (arthritis)
  • Acute phases of musculoskeletal disease

General Conditioning

Reconditioning is a process that aims to maximise your recovery and restoration of independence after illness or injury, improving cardiovascular fitness, endurance, and general muscle strength, as well as improving your overall quality of life.

Reconditioning is suitable for those who have:

  • Had debilitating injury
  • Recently been bedridden
  • Experienced reduced exercise capacity
  • Experienced limitations in activities of daily living, or who are experiencing personalised weakness

Minds in Motion

Mins in Motion is a multi-disciplinary program designed to improve cognitive and physical function whilst doing many enjoyable activities.

Programs include:

  • Leisure activities
  • Functional activities
  • Reconditioning

Mobile Physiotherapy

Mobile physiotherapy provides an expert assessment and exercise program that will enable you to achieve your desired rehabilitation goals, all in the comfort of your own home.

It is suitable for those who:

  • Have had joint replacements, spinal surgery and cardiac surgery
  • Have musculoskeletal conditions e.g. lower back pain, overuse injuries
  • Have neurological conditions e.g. Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease
  • Have experienced deconditioning following a length of stay in hospital
  • Are at risk of falling

Wellness Program

An individualised and specialised wellness program for each patient aims to improve areas such as mobility, balance, upper and lower limb strength and function, ability to manage personal care, continence, pain management, education, domestic task completion and community living skills.

Falls prevention

Falls are the leading cause of unintentional injury in Australians 65 years and older.  Falls prevention aims to break this cycle with both exercise and education to help minimise the risk of falling.

It is suitable for those who:

  • Have had an issue with falls in the past
  • Have an issue their balance

Parkinson’s Exercise Group

For many living with Parkinson’s Disease (PD), treatments have been focused on time-limited symptom management.  However, there is evidence to suggest that exercise can play a vital role in reversing some disease in persons with mild to moderate PD.  This program teaches specific exercises that manage symptoms and aim to modify Parkinson’s Disease through neuroplasticity, targeting increased participation and efficiency through specific amplified movement and general reconditioning, and of course, by making it fun!

Metabolic Reconditioning Program

Metabolic Syndrome is a cluster of metabolic abnormalities and risk factors that increase the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular problems.  A person is diagnosed as having metabolic syndrome when they have three of the following risk factors:

  • Elevated blood glucose level
  • Elevated blood pressure
  • Elevated cholesterol levels
  • Central obesity

The program consists of:

  • Sessions run twice a week for 6 weeks (12 sessions in total)
  • Meals provided at each session
  • Sessions involve 1 hour of aquatic exercise coupled with either land based exercise or educational components from the dietician or exercise physiologist.

Access to Rehabilitation Services

Your General Practitioner, Physician, or Surgeon, will be able to assist you in obtaining a referral to President Private Hospital’s Day Only Rehabilitation programs.

To make a referral or for more information, please contact the Clinical Services Manager.